Why Should You Fight A Traffic Ticket?

Facing a Suspended License in PA?

Many traffic ticket offenses come with a point assessment that’s added to your driving record and monitored by PennDOT. People typically plead guilty and pay the fine, but you might want to consider fighting your traffic ticket and keep those costly points off your license.


Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

  1. Handles paperwork and scheduling of a court date
  2. Represents you at traffic hearing, including summary trial if no agreement can be made
  3. Has the expertise to know exactly how a citation will affect your driving privileges

Using our experience in traffic ticket defense and negotiating with the officers who issue the traffic tickets and speeding tickets, we are typically able to come to an agreement which allows you to avoid suspension and points being assessed to your license.

Don’t take chances with your driver’s license. Call The Shelton Firm today at 717-823-0899 and our traffic ticket attorney will work to keep those unwanted points off your driver’s license and keep you on the road.

Speeding Tickets

Unfortunately, the speeding traffic ticket fines are not the only penalty you receive when you plead guilty to a speeding ticket. There are a number of additional penalties you must be aware of that come as a punishment for speeding Including, (1) Potential License Suspension, (2) Points on your Drivers License, and (3) Increased Insurance Costs. Many of these penalties are avoidable. Hiring a speeding traffic ticket violation lawyer gives you your best chance to avoid suspension.


Driving on a Suspended License

Being pulled over for Driving on a Suspended License is a very serious traffic offense. Many times, licenses can be suspended, even without your knowledge, due to failure to pay fines or make payments on a payment plan, a lapse in insurance, or failure to respond to a citation. Regardless of the reason for the suspension pleading guilty WILL RESULT IN A 1 YEAR ADDITIONAL SUSPENSION. Multiple convictions for driving under suspension can also result in up to 90 days in Jail, in addition to the suspension. Call our Traffic Ticket Lawyer today to fight these charges and avoid these serious charges.


Will I Lose My License?

Getting a traffic ticket can be a very frustrating experience. Many times you are given the traffic ticket and are completely unaware of how pleading guilty will affect your driver’s license. Many factors must be considered in making that determination including, whether it was an active school/Work zone, the speed you were traveling, insurance status, and how many total points you accumulated for the incident. At The Shelton Firm we understand the importance of having a driver’s license. Please today for a free consultation and see if your license is in jeopardy of suspension.

CDL Tickets/Commercial Vehicle Tickets

At The Shelton Firm, we know that if you lose your CDL license, you stand to lose your livelihood. That’s why we fight to keep you on the road. Some relatively simple moving violations(sometimes even in your personal vehicle) can be considered as “Serious Traffic Offenses,” and can cause your CDL to be suspended if you obtain two or three of these traffic tickets within a period of time. Don’t risk getting fired from work, paying fines, experiencing insurance hikes and losing your livelihood, Call for a free consultation Today!

Assisting with Suspended Licenses in PA

Have you mishandled your own defense at the Magistrate’s office, or mailed in a guilty plea in response to a traffic ticket? Is Penndot sending you letters about a license suspension for a recent ticket for which you pled guilty?

The summary appeal is your last shot at avoiding points, a suspension or a record for a non-traffic offense. A summary appeal is an appeal of a conviction for a traffic or non-traffic offense that occurred in Magisterial District Court. Once the appeal is filed it allows you to get a new trial before a Court of Common Pleas Judge.

Reasons for filing a Summary Appeal:

  1. You’ve been convicted of Driving on a Suspended License DUI Related and have received a jail sentence.
  2. You mailed in a guilty plea to a traffic offense that carries points or a driver’s license suspension based traffic offense after a hearing before the Magistrate.

The Shelton Firm handles Summary Appeals in Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties. Contact us today for a free consultation and get the results you deserve.

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