The Ways You Can Lose Your License in PA

Most people don’t think about losing their driving privileges while they’re speeding or rolling
through a stop sign. But tally up too many moving violations—or get charged with a DUI or DWI
and you might end up having your driver license suspended for a few months, even years.

Below you’ll find a discussion of common reasons for license suspension, the procedure your
state might follow to take your license away, and what you can do to fight license suspension.

Reasons to Lose your Drivers License in Pennsylvania

Nonpayment of child support

Child support is not retroactive, which means you cannot stop paying or start paying less as of the date that you lost your job or became too sick to work. Instead, your support obligation remains the same until you get the court to modify your payments. Therefore, it’s in your best to act quickly if there is any major change in your circumstances.
Under Sect. 4355(a), where the department could not attach the paying parent’s wages and the amount of child support owed exceeds three months, or where the parent has failed to comply with warrants and subpoenas relating to child support proceedings, the court
shall issue an order to the licensing authority to:
-Prohibit the issuance of a PA driver license,
-Prohibit the renewal of a PA driver license, or
-Suspend the person’s driver license.

Process for License Suspension

A driver will receive notice before a suspension.
The notice shall explain:
1) The amount of child support owed
2) A driver can appeal the decision, and
3) Penndot suspends the drivers license in 30 days after notice.

Unpaid Judgement

Any unpaid judgement from a car accident could suspend your drivers license. PennDOT will suspend your driver’s license until you pay the judgment or get on a payment plan.

If PennDOT wants to suspend your Pennsylvania driver’s license for not paying an outstanding
judgment you should talk to an attorney about how to proceed with your case and appealing the
suspension of driver’s license.

Conviction of Certain Traffic Offenses in Pennsylvania

 The department shall suspend the operating privilege of any driver for six months upon receiving a certified record of the driver’s conviction of or an adjudication of delinquency based on any offense under the following sections:

3367 (relating to racing on highways).

3714(b) (relating to careless driving).

3734 (relating to driving without lights to avoid identification or arrest).

3736 (relating to reckless driving).

3743 (relating to accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property).

1501 (a) (related to Expired Drivers License) if second conviction within a 5 year period of time

The department shall suspend the operating privileges of any driver for 1 year upon receiving a certified record of the driver’s conviction based on any offense under the following provisions

Section 1543 (A) (driving on a suspended drivers license)

Section 1543 (B) (driving on a DUI Suspended drivers license)

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