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Navigating Traffic Violations: How to Find the Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer Near You

Are you facing a traffic violation charge and in need of expert legal guidance? Finding the best traffic ticket lawyer near you can be a difficult task. Traffic violations can have serious consequences, such as hefty fines, license suspension, and increased insurance premiums. That’s why it’s crucial to have The Shelton Firm by your side to navigate the legal complexities and protect your rights.

Accumulating too many points on your driving record can lead to increased insurance premiums and, in severe cases, license suspension. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you minimize the impact on your driving record, ensuring you can maintain your driving privileges. Using our experience in traffic ticket defense and negotiating with the officers who issue the traffic tickets and speeding tickets, we are typically able to come to an agreement which allows you to avoid suspension and points being assessed to your license.

Don’t let a traffic violation jeopardize your driving record and future. Read on to discover how to find the best traffic ticket lawyer near you and get the expert legal support you deserve.

Don’t take chances with your driver’s license. Call The Shelton Firm today at 717-823-0899 and our traffic ticket attorney will work to keep those unwanted points off your driver’s license and keep you on the road.

Speeding Tickets

Unfortunately, the speeding traffic ticket fines are not the only penalty you receive when you plead guilty to a speeding ticket. There are a number of additional penalties you must be aware of that come as a punishment for speeding Including, (1) Potential License Suspension, (2) Points on your Drivers License, and (3) Increased Insurance Costs. Many of these penalties are avoidable. Hiring a speeding traffic ticket violation lawyer gives you your best chance to avoid suspension.

Driving on a Suspended License

Being pulled over for Driving on a Suspended License is a very serious traffic offense. Many times, Penndot suspends licenses without your knowledge for failure to pay fines or make payments on a payment plan, a lapse in insurance, or failure to respond to a citation. Regardless of the reason for the suspension pleading guilty WILL RESULT IN A 1 YEAR ADDITIONAL SUSPENSION. Multiple convictions for driving under suspension can also result in up to 90 days in Jail, in addition to the suspension. Call our Traffic Ticket Lawyer today to fight these charges and avoid these serious charges.

Will I Lose My License?

Getting a traffic ticket can be a very frustrating experience. Many times they give you the traffic ticket and you are completely unaware of how pleading guilty will affect your driver’s license. We must consider many factors in making that determination including, whether it was an active school/Work zone, the speed you were traveling, insurance status, and how many total points you accumulated for the incident. At The Shelton Firm we understand the importance of having a driver’s license. Please today for a free consultation and see if your license is in jeopardy of suspension.

Traffic violations are offenses committed while driving a vehicle, ranging from minor infractions like speeding or running a red light to more serious charges such as DUI (driving under the influence) or reckless driving. Regardless of the severity, traffic violations can have significant consequences that can impact your driving record, insurance premiums, and even your personal and professional life.

When facing a traffic violation charge, it’s crucial to seek legal representation. A traffic ticket lawyer specializes in handling traffic-related cases and can provide expert guidance to navigate the legal complexities. They understand the nuances of traffic laws, court proceedings, and negotiation tactics that can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Common types of traffic violations

Traffic violations come in various forms, each with its own set of consequences. Some of the most common types of traffic violations include:

1. Speeding Tickets

2. Running red lights or stop signs

3. Reckless driving or Careless Driving

4. Driving on Suspended License

5. School Bus Tickets

Consequences of traffic violations

Traffic violations can have far-reaching consequences that go beyond the immediate penalties. Some of the potential repercussions include:

1. Fines

2. Points on your driving record

3. License suspension or revocation

4. Increased insurance premiums

5. Criminal record

Police officers conducting DUI arrests in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer

Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to traffic violations. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer offers numerous benefits that can significantly impact the outcome of your case:

1. Expertise in traffic laws: Traffic ticket lawyers specialize in traffic-related cases and have in-depth knowledge of traffic laws and regulations.

2. Negotiation and plea bargaining: A skilled traffic ticket lawyer can reduce the charges or penalties against you.

3. Court representation: they can challenge evidence, cross-examine witnesses

4. Minimized consequences: With their expertise, a traffic ticket lawyer can help minimize the consequences of your traffic violation. They can explore alternatives that can reduce or eliminate fines, points, or license suspension.

Potential Penalties

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Charges with Mandatory Suspension

Driving charges which require mandatory suspension in Pennsylvania include but are not limited to the following offenses:

  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speeding over 31 Miles over the Limit
  • Driving Under Suspended License
  • Failure to Stop for School Bus
  • Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
  • Racing on Highways
  • Accidents involving Damage to Attended Vehicle or Property

Jail Time for Driving Offenses

A summary offense is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and fines up to $300.

Driving offenses which could result in jail time in Pennsylvania include but are not limited to the following offenses:

  1. Driving under Suspended License
  2. Driving Under the Influence While Driving on a Suspended Drivers License
  3. Driving under a DUI suspended license

Summary Appeal

Have you mishandled your own defense at the Magistrate’s office, or mailed in a guilty plea in response to a traffic ticket? Is Penndot sending you letters about a license suspension for a recent ticket for which you pled guilty?

The summary appeal is your last shot at avoiding points, a suspension or a record for a non-traffic offense. A summary appeal is an appeal of a conviction for a traffic or non-traffic offense that occurred in Magisterial District Court. Once the appeal is filed it allows you to get a new trial before a Court of Common Pleas Judge.

Assisting with Suspended Licenses in PA

You can be at-risk of losing your driver’s license over traffic citations, point violations or for any of the reasons explained below.  If your license gets suspended call The Shelton Firm today for a free consultation.

PennDOT may suspend or revoke a license for any of the following reasons:

  • Specific Traffic Tickets
  • Refusing to Take a Breathe or Blood Test
  • Non-Payment of Child Support
  • Medical Suspension
  • Insurance Violations
  • Failure to respond to ticket
  • Failure to pay a Ticket

At The Shelton Firm, we understand how to navigate the Pennsylvania legal traffic system.  We will fight to have your license reinstated, to have points removed from your driving record, and your automobile insurance reduced. 

CDL Tickets/Commercial Vehicle Tickets

At The Shelton Firm, we know that if you lose your CDL license, you stand to lose your livelihood. That’s why we fight to keep you on the road. Some relatively simple moving violations(sometimes even in your personal vehicle) can be considered as “Serious Traffic Offenses,” and can cause your CDL to be suspended if you obtain two or three of these traffic tickets within a period of time. Don’t risk getting fired from work, paying fines, experiencing insurance hikes and losing your livelihood, Call for a free consultation Today!

Click here to learning more about Defending Your CDL License.

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Areas Served

The Shelton Firm is centrally located in Lancaster PA.  Our CDL Lawyer services clients throughout Central PA.   Our diligent and aggresive representation is the secret ingredient that keeps our clients coming back for all their legal needs.  

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Additional Pennsylvania Traffic Ticket Information

Traffic violations can have serious consequences that extend beyond immediate penalties. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is crucial to protect your rights, minimize the impact on your driving record and insurance premiums, and increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

By understanding the different types of traffic violations, the potential consequences, and the benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, you can make an informed decision to secure expert legal representation. With our guidance and expertise, you can navigate the complexities of traffic violations and ensure a stronger defense. Don’t let a traffic violation derail your future—seek the help you deserve today.

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