What You Should Know About Getting A DUI In PA

Pennsylvania law states that a person should not operate a vehicle if they have consumed enough alcohol to: Prevent them from safely operating the vehicle Place their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) above .08% Have enough active ingredient or drug metabolite in their system to put them over the Pennsylvania Statutory limit. Punishments increase in severity … Read more


HOW THE CLEAN SLATE LAW WORKS…   The Clean Slate Law uses technology to seal certain criminal records from public view.  Arrest records are eligible for sealing if after charges are dropped. Minor conviction records are eligible for sealing after 10 years.  Automated sealing began on June 28, 2019. By June 27, 2020, over 30 … Read more

Got A DUI Charge? Here’s The DUI Legal Process

Why You Need A DUI Attorney If You Get A DUI Charge All the counties surrounding the mid-state including, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, Berks,?and Dauphin Counties, have experienced a spike in DUI arrests over the last several years.? Hiring a Lawyer for DUI cases is no small decision. Call The Shelton Firm today at (717) … Read more

Questions To Ask Your DUI Attorney

Before a DUI attorney can give you feedback about your options, he or she needs to understand the charges and evidence. Answer any questions an attorney asks you with candor. Once you have talked about your case, you can ask these questions of your attorney: Is a plea agreement a possibility? Would you recommend it? … Read more