Penalties for Getting A DUI In PEnnsylvania

Pennsylvania DUI law There are two main elements that Pennsylvania’s DUI law focuses on 1) driving and 2) intoxication. DUI in Pennsylvania Penalties Step two in understanding a DUI is understanding all the potential penalties that can result from a DUI. Punishments increase in severity based on, number of previous DUI Convictions, a person’s blood … Read more


The Clean Slate Law uses technology to seal certain criminal records from public view.  Arrest records are eligible for sealing if Police drop charges. Minor conviction records are eligible for sealing after 10 years.  The Clean Slate program will automatically hide criminal history records from public view if the person has no convictions for crimes … Read more

Got A DUI Charge? Here’s The DUI Legal Process

Why You Need A DUI Attorney If You Get A DUI Charge All the counties surrounding the mid-state including, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, Berks,?and Dauphin Counties, have experienced a spike in DUI arrests over the last several years.? Hiring a Lawyer for DUI cases is no small decision. Call The Shelton Firm today at (717) … Read more