How Reckless Driving Affects You

How Reckless Driving Affects You

Have You Been Charged With Reckless Driving?

Here’s what Pennsylvania law says about: § 3736. Reckless driving
According to 75 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3736, reckless driving occurs when an individual drives their vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other people or property.

It’s a serious offense in Pennsylvania and carries penalties such as license suspension, fines, and possible jail time.

Several actions may constitute reckless driving, and several other traffic offenses may be incurred simultaneously.

These infractions include speeding, driving without a license, driving while impaired, performing an illegal maneuver, and more.

What’s the difference between careless and reckless driving?

Careless driving is defined by section 3714 of Pennsylvania’s code as driving with “careless disregard” for the safety of persons or property. To help clarify the differences, an example of careless driving may be a person falling asleep behind the wheel, which is a summary offense.

Reckless, on the other hand, involves a person deliberately driving without care, such as excessively speeding.

Penalties For Getting Charged – May Include (but not limited to):

Pennsylvania code states that reckless driving is considered a summary offense under the law and is penalized with a fine of $200 upon conviction. Additionally, if convicted, you face a license suspension of six months. The $200 fine doubles if the incident occurs in a work or emergency zone. In some cases, the convicted may face jail time.

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