In a show that truly anyone can be charged with DUI, a Pennsylvania State Trooper was charged on Nov 12, 2016, according to the York Daily Record.

DUI Arrests Are On The Rise In PA

While all the counties surrounding the mid-state have experienced a spike in DUI arrests over the last several years, many clients are surprised at how a Criminal Defense Attorney can change the outcome of any criminal proceeding.

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Here’s what can happen with multiple dui charges.

What Pennsylvania Law States

In Pennsylvania the DUI law states that a person, may not drive a vehicle if he has drank enough alcohol to:

1) render him or her incapable of safely driving the vehicle, or

2) place his BAC above the .08% level.

The law also renders punishments based on how high over the legal limit you are.  There are 3 tiers and the tiers increase the severity of the punishment you receive.

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What Are The Possible Punishments For DUI In PA?

Punishments can range from probation, all the way up to a mandatory minimum of at least one year in state prison. You are also required to turn over your license and adhere to a drivers license suspension, and in some cases install Ignition Interlock into your vehicle. Don’t face these severe penalties alone.  

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The Trooper’s BAC was a .232, which is almost three times the legal limit.

Given his Blood Alcohol content he would have been charged as a Tier 3 making him eligible for the most severe penalties under the law.

The officer was stopped by Police after he was found weaving in and out of traffic in York County.

The state of Pennsylvania has over 50 DUI Task Forces across the state, and over 150 trained Drug Recognition Experts, trained and deployed to detect drunk and drugged drivers.

What many people fail to realize is that these experts helped and contributed to the 52,636 total DUI arrests in Pennsylvania last year.

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