DUI’s in Lancaster, York, and Chester Counties have been on the rise for several years. Many times first time DUI offenders qualify for a diversionary program known as ARD. Many Central Pennsylvanian’s have qualified and benefitted from ARD, which allows you to:

  • Keep a criminal conviction off your record
  • Get the charges expunged once the program is complete 
  • Be on probation without jail time
  • Complete some community service
  • Finish a highway safety class

Entrance into ARD is solely at the discretion of the District Attorney. The District Attorney can reject you for almost any reason including but not limited to, if there was a motor vehicle accident surrounding your DUI, or even not having a valid drivers license when stopped. This may leave you with the unwanted choice of having to go to trial and risk your clean record.

No Criminal proceeding is simple or straightforward.  You need an attorney present to ensure your rights are protected.  Call The Shelton Firm today to handle your DUI case.  Call us now at 717-823-0899.