What You Need To Know About Fighting Traffic Tickets

Before you plead guilty, contact The Shelton Firm. We’ll go along with you and fight for the best possible outcome. We have experience fighting traffic tickets and know what’s needed to come to an agreement that will prevent you from points being assessed to your license.

An increase in points on your license can result in:

  • Driver’s license suspension
  • An increase in your insurance premiums
  • Required driver training courses

According to Pennsylvania traffic laws, you can be cited for both moving and non-moving offenses.Non-moving citations, typically, only require a fine to be paid. A moving traffic ticket comes with a fine and points being assessed to your driving record.

In Pennsylvania, once a driver has accumulated 11 points or more, the department of transportation will suspend your license. Each suspension comes with a heavier penalty than the last. Call us today about fighting traffic tickets before you’re penalized!

According to The PennDOT, license suspensions will be as follows:

  • The first suspension will be for a period of 5 days for every point you have assessed to your license
  • The second suspension will be 10 days for every point
  • The third license suspension will be 15 days for each point
  • Any subsequent suspension shall be for a period of one year

You should know that some tickets come with an automatic license suspension should you be found guilty.

For this reason alone, it’s vital that you hire a traffic ticket attorney so that you do not lose your ability to drive. Call The Shelton Firm today at (717) 823-0899 and so we can help keep you on the road.

At The Shelton Firm, we understand how important your driver’s license is for your daily lives and exactly how to assist when fighting traffic tickets.

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