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Choosing an attorney in Lancaster doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. At The Shelton Firm we offer legal services ranging from Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, DUI, Divorce and Separation Issues, Expungements and Sealing of criminal records, and Traffic Ticket defense.   

Our goal is to bring quality and affordable legal representation to the residents of Chester, York, Lebanon and Lancaster County.



Why You Should Choose The Shelton Firm

Our firm cares about our clients and we understand the law. We value all of our clients and the trust they place in us. We are skilled attorneys in Lancaster specialize in fighting Traffic Tickets, handling difficult Criminal Defense cases, DUI, and Personal Injury. If you have a legal issue in a specialty area that we do not practice, we will be happy to refer you to an attorney who can help you.


Got A DUI? We're Here To Help!

The Shelton Firm employs DUI attorneys in Lancaster that will explain all of your options including the ARD program, reduction of charges, and potential penalties. 

Don’t face these high fines and Mandatory Minimum sentences alone.

Contact The Shelton Firm today for a free consultation with a DUI lawyer to make sure you get the best possible outcome.


Getting A Divorce In PA & Need An Attorney?

There are tons of facts to consider when getting a divorce like grounds for divorce, who files the paperwork, and if you have children… determining a custody arrangement that is most beneficial to the child(ren) during the breakup of your family can be contentious if the divorcing parties aren’t amicable. Let our divorce attorneys assist during this difficult time.


Hiring an experienced attorney in Lancaster at The Shelton Firm will help you navigate the issues that come along with receiving a traffic ticket. We can help reduce stress, the number of points, and many times the amount you pay.


The legal process that follows a DUI arrest is daunting. It’s extremely important to contact and employ a DUI Attorney in Lancaster early in the process to ensure you get the best result possible.  


Being arrested can be the most stressful event in a person’s life.  We here at The Shelton Firm understand that knowing the process can assist in relieving the anxiety of arrest. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can best represent you.

Child Custody

Pennsylvania has child custody laws which address the determination of child custody, visitation, child support, and many other family law issues.


Divorce can often be an exhausting and frustrating process. Understanding the divorce process
from beginning to end will help you prepare for the steps ahead.  

Personal Injury

Even a minor car accident can leave you injured and struggling with sudden physical pain. This does not even include the financial challenges from huge medical bills..

Get Help Immediately

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 The Shelton Law Firm is a practice focused on DUI law and Criminal Law. It was founded by Attorney Jonathan Shelton. Attorney Shelton is an aggressive trial lawyer who will put his expertise to work for your case. We offer legal services ranging from Traffic Ticket Defense, Criminal Defense, DUI, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, and Divorce and Custody Issues.


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